About us

Humanitarian Assistance and Drought Management Organization (HADMO) is a Local NonGovernmental Organization based in Southern Central and Puntland Somalia.
HADMO was formed in 2010 with the objective of designing and implementing community-based
relief, rehabilitation, and development projects and also Educational Programme.
Hadmo is a Non-political, Not-for-profit, and Non-religious Somalia Ngo, was established in middle
juba region Bu’ale in May 2010 by a group of concerned Somali intellectuals to respond to the
increased suffering, starvation and death of the communities badly affected by the civil conflict and
famine in Somalia through the establishment of community-based rehabilitation and development
projects, with the aim of countering the devastating impacts of both the internal civil war and natural
disasters such as famine and disease.
HADMO Development Organization has built its reputation at grassroots level as a visionary
organization capable of working with communities mutually to alter the current cause of conflicts and
disempowerment at communal and individual level in Somali communities.
HADMO has also attained recognition as an organization capable of delivering services to the poor
communities through collaboration and information sharing with communities and agencies working
in the same regions and with similar objectives.
HADMO has over for years of experience in designing and implementing community-based relief,
rehabilitation, and development projects. During its existence, the organization managed to conduct
various socio-economic surveys, needs assessments, participatory researches and, studies to assess
the priority needs of the local people and implemented a number of relief, rehabilitation, recovery
and development projects in middle/lower juba and also Gedo regions of southern and Central
Since its inception, HADMO conducted several leadership training workshops and, implemented
intervention meant And Education development to promote peace and co-existence between the
various communities in complex emergencies in southern And Central Somalia.
Moreover, HADMO has a wealth of experience in partnership building and collaborated with
various Somali Diaspora, and Somali community, and members of the target communities to
implement community owned programs and achieve its intended goals. With dynamic and trained
manpower and legal registration, the organization has the capability to implement projects in other
Social and civil society organization
Respect for human rights
A life of freedom and dignity to everyone regardless of racism, ethnicity and sex, free from violence
and human rights abuses in the horn of Africa, justice and peace are our vision.
The mission of Humanitarian Assistance and drought management organization is to focus on
community development by improving economic diversification, restoration of peace and harmony
among communities and promotion of access to basic human needs through service delivery,
community empowerment, and capacity building.
Empower local communities to enable them achieve education and sustainable development.
Increase access to basic human/social needs and facilities in the following sectors: Rural
Education, Primary Health Care and Environmental Protection.
Enhance community empowerment and awareness in development initiatives.
To ensure that human rights of all persons are secure of in their enjoyment of their goods and
freedoms that are necessary in dignified living.
Accountably and Transparency
Human rights
Respect for others
Commitment and trust ship
Performance and team working
Peace culture and pluralism
Serving the people in equal approach in line with our Organizational slogans.
Mutual respect and partnership with the development humanitarian actors include human rights
and media groups (Agencies).
To provide consultancy, advocacy and advisory services to its users and civil society at large
Humanitarian Assistance and Drought Management Organization (HADMO) aims to provide
complementary services to Somali communities in Somalia in order to ensure that the people of
Somalia are liberated from the dissatisfied services lead by degraded agencies.
To promote peace, security and sustained development in Somalia.
To eliminate the underlying conditions that generates the factors for violent armed conflicts,
social inequality and poverty and deprivation.
To advocate achievements of fairer and just redistribution of resources and wealth.
To base on Somali cultural and traditional art institute (Recourse Centre) which is a focal point
for the community initiatives in the fields of peace promotion and integration of community
development projects.
To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the youngsters, women,
and IDPs to become self-sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living.
To improve the rights of women focusing on the issues such as female genital mutilations FGM,
early marriage, and other forms of discriminations against girls and women.
To promote Understanding better relationship among the communities and attitude change for
working together for peace and development in the society and creating good atmosphere of
stability in whole the state including environmental protection and wildlife.
To encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilize among them of
awareness on HIV/AIDS
To promote internal discussions among human rights activists, on the work of media and
journalists toward contribute to national heal and development.
To promote a human rights culture and peace in society by working towards awareness raising,
mobilization, on attitude change and empowerment of the marginalized community, IDPs,
women, children, CBOs, and involved Local NGOs and the government law enforcement
institutions/agencies in order to protect the rights all persons (women and child rights especial
To closely monitor human atrocities and abuses of the children in the conflict zone and avoid
those problems of Child soldering, Child Exploitative labor, and Child abuse such as (physically,
mentally and socially) through community mobilization, parents and care givers.